Dear Friend,

You are invited to join the membership of Reston Environmental Action (REACT) a grassroots, non-profit organization.   

Many people are eager to address broad environmental issues on a community level.  REACT organizes residents in projects that promote changes we can make in our daily lives that, taken together, make a difference in the overall environment. 

Our mission is to mobilize residents in grassroots activities promoting the environmental and community health of Reston.  We support a sustainable local economy that respects our natural and human resources, and we strive to increase awareness of the impact of individual and community lifestyle and consumption choices on the land, air, water and the community. 

Membership dues are $5 a year per person and entitle you to participate in committees and elections.  We address issues that concern our members.  Our current projects include Reston Recycles!, a residential recycling program, Close the Loop, a buy-recycled, reduce and reuse program, and Reducing Workplace Waste.  We have also established committees where members focus on hazardous waste recycling, environmental lawn and garden care, and increasing bus and trail use. 

If you would like to become a member, please complete the form on the back of this letter and bring it to the annual meeting, or mail to REACT, PO Box 8942, Reston, VA  20195.  Forms also can be downloaded from our website: 

I look forward to your involvement!




Thea Kreinik